8 Channel
Analog Processing Box
16 Channel
Analog Processing Box
The World's First
Programmable Analog Processor 
The McDSP Analog Processing Box (APB) combines the flexibility of software with the fidelity of premium analog processing. Each channel can be controlled by an AAX, AU, or VST3 plug-in giving true digital workflow with genuine analog performance. Processing options include compressors, mastering limiters, transient enhancement devices, multi-channel and multi-band applications, and much more.
Programmable analog processing
Premium analog components
Multiple analog saturation circuits
AKM 32-bit DAC and ADC
Thunderbolt 2, 3, and 4 compatible
McDSP patented technology
Manufactured in the United States
APB-ready software plug-in bundle included
Sample accurate automation
Full session recall and preset handling
The APB-8 and APB-16 come with a collection of APB plug-ins to route audio to the APB hardware and control the analog circuitry within. The user simply operates the APB plug-in like any other plug-in, but processing is done in the analog domain. Settings can be saved as a preset, plug-ins can be recalled with a session, and parameters can even be automated with sample level accuracy. APB plug-ins provide true digital workflow with genuine analog performance.
Analog Tape Machine Emulation
The TAPE APB plug-in is an emulation of magnetic tape recording systems. TAPE is not like most other tape machine emulations, because it is an ANALOG tape machine emulation. TAPE uses a four stage analog process to recreate the compression-like effect of recording to tape. The TAPE algorithm emulates characteristics of magnetic tape machines made primarily in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Different tape formulas (types), playback head configurations, low end ‘bump’ amount, and low frequency rolloff are all user controllable. The amount of tape compression is even user controllable. Input and output levels are also adjustable. Metering of input, output, and gain reduction are shown with dual VU meters.
Bass Optimized Bias
The BOB APB plug-in is a digital analog hybrid processor. Low frequencies are boosted in the same way as the original BOB module from the 6060 Ultimate Module collection. All original BOB module controls are in the BOB APB plug-in - Bias, Frequency, Squash, Rate, and Bias Modes A and B. A new two stage analog signal path in the BOB APB plug-in further enhances the original bass optimized bias, using three new controls - Gain, Trim/HR (Headroom), and Analog Modes I and II. Metering of the overall gain reduction, Squash gain reduction, input, and output, is shown via two VU style meters on the far left and right of the user interface.
Kinetic Drive
The KD1 Kinetic Drive APB plug-in provides direct control over many analog saturation attributes of the APB hardware, for a variety of sounds from subtle harmonic overtones to complete sonic mayhem. KD1 saturation can be focused on a selectable portion of the frequency spectrum, and saturation kinetics (voltage supply reaction, level compression, and more) are also adjustable.
Royal Mu 
Compressor and Limiter
The Royal Mu is a dual-channel compressor and limiter. Features include analog biasing and saturation, mid/side processing, equalization, and a full featured analog compressor and analog limiter. The Royal Mu offers independent (or linked) control of the left/right (or mid/side) channels.
Royal Q 
The Royal Q is a dual-channel 4-band equalizer featuring parametric and shelving EQ, mid/side processing, and trim controls. The Royal Q equalization is complimented by a custom analog section for a truly unique hybrid processor. The Royal Q offers independent (or linked) control of the left/right (or mid/side) channels.
Multi-band Compressor
The MC-3 Multi-band Compressor is the world's first fully automated analog multi-band compressor. The matched and calibrated analog channels of the APB hardware make the MC-3 one of the most precise analog multi-band compressors available. Analog saturation control is also available per band. All MC-3 parameters are automatable and can be saved as a preset for instant session recall.
The Moo X mixer plug-in is the world’s first fully automated hybrid mixing console under total software control. Session recall is instant, and all mixer controls can be automated or saved as a preset. Features include channel equalization, analog compression and saturation, and a master section with stereo analog compression and saturation.
Dynamic Range Compressor
The C673-A served as the initial prototype for the concept of the world's first programmable analog processor. Based on McDSP's C670 and C671 modules from the McDSP 6000 series plug-ins, the C673-A model pushes the envelope further with all analog dynamics processing and a custom saturation circuit.
Tube Limiter
One of two all-analog limiters in the APB plug-in lineup, the El Moo leverages the same design used in the MooTube compressor. An adjustable all-analog saturation stage with user control makes the El Moo an interesting choice as a sonic leveler.
The MooTube Compressor is the capstone of the collection of McDSP tube-based compression algorithms. Combining decades of software-side modeling experience with the world's first programmable analog processor, the MooTube delivers a soft touch to anything that goes through it.
It may look familiar to some, but under the hood the ChickenHead is a completely unique processor on a completely unique platform. McDSP engineering sought to leverage the high end analog components and most aggressive saturation circuit in the APB hardware to create a compressor with attitude. If you are looking for the rooster in the hen house of dynamic range processors, the ChickenHead is it.
The L-18 is designed to be a pristine all-analog limiter, useful for a variety of mixing styles. The Knee and Color controls give some subtle tone shaping options. The L-18 Surround Limiter includes support for LCR, LCRS, Quad, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1, 7.0.2, and 7.1.2 formats.
The C-18 compressor, like the L-18 limiter, is designed to be a pristine, green, audio machine. Tribute is paid to the first McDSP dynamics plug-in, CompressorBank, with an all-analog version of the unique BITE control, and an advanced version of the AUTO feature for signal level dependent attack and release times. The C-18 can be a straight up utility processor, or introduce some new and unique twists to any track.
An APB plug-in takes the input audio signal, combines it with a control signal, and sends both along a Thunderbolt connection to an APB hardware unit for processing. The control signal sets up the analog components to do the selected algorithm with all the parameter values, and the audio signal is processed in the analog domain, and then converted back to the digital domain, and appears at the output of the APB plug-in back inside the Pro Tools session.
McDSP has released its new low latency mode for all APB plug-ins for Pro Tools 2023.12 and later versions. With this update APB plug-ins can be used at any hardware buffer size, for latency as low as sub 5 milliseconds. This new feature is available whether you are mixing or recording with an APB plug-in in Pro Tools.
  • All hardware buffer sizes are supported, and latency can be as low as 207 samples (roughly 4.6 ms at 44.1 kHz or 4.3 ms at 48 kHz) at the smallest buffer size.
  • Operating at 1024 hardware buffer size (at any sample rate) will operate the APB software like previous releases.
  • This feature requires Pro Tools 2023.12 or higher.
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