The Moo X mixer plug-in is the world’s first fully automated hybrid mixing console under total software control.

Session recall is instant, and all mixer controls can be automated or saved as a preset. Features include channel equalization, analog compression and saturation, and a master section with stereo analog compression and saturation.

The Moo X Mixer plug-in can be operated as a single channel, called a Moo X Channel, in mono or stereo. A Moo X Channel can be placed on any track in a session, and operated as a regular plug-in. A single Moo X Channel can also be configured as the master, or Moo X Mixer. The Moo X Mixer can control all Moo X Channels in a session, and also process its audio input with an analog stereo master buss compressor and saturation circuit.
  • Fully automated hybrid mixing console

  • Analog compression and saturation

  • Two-band Equalizer

  • Master stereo buss analog compressor and custom saturation circuit

  • Included with APB hardware purchase
  • AAX Native, AU, VST3
Each Moo X Mixer input channel has a two band equalizer designed for gentle adjustments. Each band offers a smooth curve and up to 12 dB or boost or cut. While the equalization response is purely digital, it is calibrated to compliment the Analog section processing.
The dynamic range compression is managed from a single compression control. The amount of compression and makeup gain are adjusted from a single control. A separate TC (time constant) control adjusts attack and release times. The compression process is done entirely in the analog domain using an available APB channel.
After the dynamic range compression, a customized saturation circuit is available, complete with user control over the saturation amount. The saturation circuit is the last processing stage in the analog domain, and then the signal is converted back to the digital domain. Like all APB saturation circuits, the calibration is made to allow analog saturation, but prevent and digital clipping from occurring during the conversion process.
Master Buss Compression
After all the Moo X Mixer channels are processed, they are summed and sent to the Moo X Master Buss Compressor. This compressor is also entirely in the analog domain and has its own saturation circuit as well. All controls in the Master Buss Compressor are manual - threshold, make up gain, attack and release are user controllable. The compression ratio is fixed at a gentle ratio of 2.5:1.
Each Moo X Mixer plug-in has a dedicated VU meter that can show final output level or gain reduction (GR) amount for each channel.
Hybrid EQ
The equalizer section is made up of two bands of gentle EQ designed to target low and high frequency ranges.
Determines analog section and equalizer processing order. PRE means analog section is before equalizer. POST means analog section is after equalizer.
Analog Saturation
Continuous control over the saturation characteristic in each Moo X Mixer input channel.
Dynamic range compression is managed with a single compression gain knob. A separate time constant (TC) control manages attack and release times of the analog compression response.
Master Bus Comp
The stereo input to the Moo X Mixer is fed through the analog master button compressor. A saturation circuit is also assigned to the output of the Moo X master buss compressor to give a bit more edge or tone as needed.

Each Moo X channel contains an analog section consisting of a compression stage and a saturation stage, and a digital equalizer section. The equalizer can be pre or post the analog stage. The frequency response of the equalizer is calibrated to compliment the analog stage processing.

After the analog and equalizer sections, each Moo X channel is processed through a fader in the digital domain to keep the signal to noise ratio from the analog stage at maximum. Each Moo X channel can be soloed, muted, and/or phase inverted. All Moo X channels and stereo master have dedicated VU metering to monitor output levels or gain reduction amounts.
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