One of two all-analog limiters in the APB plug-in lineup, the El Moo leverages the same design used in the MooTube compressor.

An adjustable all-analog saturation stage with user control makes the El Moo an interesting choice as a sonic leveler.

The El Moo Tube Limiter is a dynamics processor designed to accurately level signal peaks while offering a variety of saturation options. The El Moo showcases the analog capabilities of the APB hardware with its own user controllable saturation circuit design that not only allows variable amounts of signal distortion, but does so while keeping all signal levels below the maximum peak of the limiter output.

The dynamics processing of the El Moo Tube Limiter are an amalgamation of a software-based model of tube circuitry response and the programmable analog processing of the APB hardware. Generally the El Moo is a useful subtle limiter. However the combination of limiter gain, recovery, and saturation controls provide a good selection of not-so-subtle tones. Whether its gentle dynamic control or intense sonic sabotage, the El Moo Tube Limiter is a great tool for the job.
  • All analog compression and saturation stages

  • User controllable saturation circuit

  • Side chain processing

  • Sample accurate automation of analog processing

  • Included with APB hardware purchase
  • AAX Native, AU, VST3
Finding the Edge
Often it is desirable to get some saturation into a track to give it more character and complexity. But finding that edge where the signal is saturating the right amount, and on a consistent basis, is challenging. Here is where the combination of the limiter in the El Moo and its variable saturation controls (Recover, Saturation, and Gain) allow the user to find the edge between not enough saturation and too much. The limiter provides a consistent level and thereby let the saturation controls do what they do best.
Plenty of singers (or voice talent folks) don’t want to hear themselves through a limiter. A heavily processed vocal or dialog track can sound unnatural, especially to the performer. The El Moo limiter can be a great solution for leveling vocals and dialog because of its subtle limiter action. Next time you are faced with a difficult dynamic dilemma, give the El Moo a chance to turn it into dynamics delight. And if some saturation is called for later on, you’ve already got the tool for the job!
Rock the Mix
Generally speaking, applying some saturation to an overall mix is a bad idea. Too many elements competing for space in the mix really complicates the saturation result. But the El Moo limiter can be a useful tool in taking a final mix, getting it to a good level, imparting a touch of ‘tube tone’, and offering some optional saturation. Maybe cranking the El Moo Saturation control is a bad idea on the stereo mix, but perhaps a few extra dB of limiter gain, or a slightly faster recovery time, gives the mix that touch of grit to make it just right.
Input Metering
The El Moo limiter offers a 3-way VU meter that can show signal level input (IN), signal level reduction caused by the compressor (GR), and signal level output (OUT).
Amount of signal level limiter boost.
Maximum signal level output from the limiter.
Rate at which limiter action stops once signal peaks are not attenuated by the limiter.
Amount of signal distortion produced by signal level output post limiter boost.
Output Metering
Two VU meters allow for stereo metering of limiter input or output, simultaneous monitoring of input, gain reduction, or output levels.
An important aspect of any APB plug-in is that the plug-in is primarily a controller. The APB plug-in takes the input audio signal, combines it with a control signal, and sends both along a Thunderbolt connection to an APB unit for processing. The control signal sets up the analog components to do the selected algorithm with all the parameter values, and the audio signal is converted to the analog domain. The analog version of the audio signal is processed in the analog domain, and then converted back to the digital domain.

By operating the APB hardware from an APB plug-in in this way, all user controllable parameters are recallable and can be saved as presets. Furthermore, because the control signal is married to the input audio signal, parameters can be updating during playback with sample accurate automation.
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