C673-A Dynamic Range Compressor
The C673-A served as the initial prototype for the concept of the world's first programmable analog processor.

Based on McDSP's C670 and C671 modules from the McDSP 6000 series plug-ins, the C673-A model pushes the envelope further with all analog dynamics processing and a custom saturation circuit.

The C673-A Compressor brings the McDSP variation of the Fairchild 670 back into the analog domain. Like its predecessors, C673-A offers faster signal tracking to accommodate modern production styles, while still imparting a ‘warmth’ into the audio output.
  • All analog compression and saturation stages

  • Side chain processing

  • Sample accurate automation of analog processing

  • Included with APB hardware purchase
  • AAX Native, AU, VST3
Any electrified stringed instrument brings plenty of mixing challenges. Why not start out with a great tone and managed levels? Enter the C673-A compressor! Setup a threshold that is showing 6 to 12 dB of reduction on the VU meter (be sure the GR option is selected) during a louder section of the track. Dial the Time Constant to somewhere between 350 and 550 msec. Adjust Output to obtain a desired level.
If you are looking for a compressed vocal sound that does not sound compressed, the C673-A could be the ticket. Try to keep maximum compression amounts around 9 to 12 dB, and the Time Constant under 400 msec to insure you do not inadvertently ‘duck’ the vocal by causing a loud segment to not allow the compressor to recover an errantly compress a quieter section. Usually one does not seek saturation for a lead vocal, but if the singer gets too loud, the saturation from the C673-A might give the track the edge you were looking for.
Need to take the top off a mix? Just not the right vibe? Give the C673-A a try. Setup the threshold for 1 to 3 dB of reduction, vary the Time Constant value as needed, and apply a slight level adjustment with the Output control. Sit back and take in the orange and black awesomeness !!!
“I love the fact that I can automate analog compression, think about that - that’s like a dream come true!”
Tony Maserati
Grammy award winning mix engineer
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