Real Analog Saturation

The KD1 Kinetic Drive APB plug-in provides direct control over many analog saturation attributes of the APB hardware, for a variety of sounds from subtle harmonic overtones to complete sonic mayhem. KD1 saturation can be focused on a selectable portion of the frequency spectrum, and saturation kinetics (voltage supply reaction, level compression, and more) are also adjustable. Each KD1 drive type uses a different saturation circuit within the APB hardware for even more tone flexibility. Original and processed signal levels can be independently adjusted. Like all APB plug-ins, the controls on the KD1 may be automated, and saved as a preset for instant session recall.
  • Direct control of analog saturation

  • Three saturation circuit options (FWD, RWD, and AWD)

  • Frequency specific saturation

  • Saturation kinetics

  • Wet and Dry signal level adjustment

  • Included with APB hardware purchase
  • AAX Native, AU, VST3
Kinetics affects analog circuit behaviors, such as signal compression and voltage supply reaction. Turning Kinetics to its minimum value eliminates the contribution and produces a less dynamic sound, while its maximum value will produce a more dynamic sound. The KD1 voltage meter indicates how much Kinetics processing is occurring.
Drive determines the analog gain applied before the saturation circuitry. As Drive is increased, the response of Kinetics also increases. There are three Drive Types: FWD selects a more treble-centric response, RWD selects more bass-centric, and AWD provides full-spectrum performance. Each Drive Type also chooses a different analog distortion circuit.
Focus sets the frequency where additional saturation will occur. The Focus Amount determines how much more saturation will occur at the selected Focus frequency.
Sound Examples
Female Vocal
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
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