The MooTube Compressor is the capstone of the collection of McDSP tube-based compression algorithms.

Combining decades of software-side modeling experience with the world's first programmable analog processor, the MooTube delivers a soft touch to anything that goes through it.

While the MooTube attack and release control ranges are notoriously slow, this compressor has a wide range of applications when gentle compression is called for. A custom soft saturation circuit at the compressor output (post output gain) catches any strong signal peaks.
  • All analog compression and saturation stages

  • Side chain processing

  • Sample accurate automation of analog processing

  • Included with APB hardware purchase
  • AAX Native, AU, VST3
Fader Riding
Some tracks need an automated volume fader adjustment more than a compressor. Unfortunately such an approach is tedious and error prone. A suitable alternative is the MooTube compressor. The slower attack and release ranges, coupled with a gentle compression curve, can make for very convincing ‘volume adjustments’ that do not sound like a compressor at all.
Getting a vocal to remain at a consistent level can be challenging. In order to ‘tame’ a very dynamic performance, the compression threshold can wind up being fairly low (-30 dB or so). In such cases, the vocal can easily wind up sounding over-compressed. The MooTube compressor is ideal for these types of mixing situations. Even when the MooTube threshold value is very low, the attack and release circuit is setup in such a way to gently apply gain reduction.
The MooTube compressor is a ‘soft touch’ compressor, and is subsequently ideal for mastering. Bringing different tracks together for a cohesive ‘album experience’ needs a processor that is gentle, and the MooTube is precisely that!
Compressor output (COMP) or compressor key input (KEY) may be monitored at any time. If monitoring compressor key input, it will be the audio channel selected by the Side Chain control (IN or KEY).
Amount of gain applied to the signal post compression, but pre saturation circuit.
Rate at which compressor action starts once signal peaks have risen above the compressor threshold level.
Signal level at which compression action begins.
The MooTube compressor offers a 3-way VU meter that can show signal level input (IN), signal level reduction caused by the compressor (GR), and signal level output (OUT).
Rate at which compressor action stops once signal peaks have dropped below the compressor threshold level.
An important aspect of any APB plug-in is that the plug-in is primarily a controller. The APB plug-in takes the input audio signal, combines it with a control signal, and sends both along a Thunderbolt connection to an APB unit for processing. The control signal sets up the analog components to do the selected algorithm with all the parameter values, and the audio signal is converted to the analog domain. The analog version of the audio signal is processed in the analog domain, and then converted back to the digital domain.

By operating the APB hardware from an APB plug-in in this way, all user controllable parameters are recallable and can be saved as presets. Furthermore, because the control signal is married to the input audio signal, parameters can be updating during playback with sample accurate automation.
“When comparing to my analogue tube compressors, and my favorite plugin tube emulation compressors, the APB holds its ground. Not only in flexibility but also in sound quality.”
Tony Maserati
Grammy award winning mix engineer
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