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McDSP understands the importance of connecting the future of our digital audio industry with the best digital signal processing software out there. For this reason, the McDSP Education Program was created to distribute McDSP software to qualified academic institutions and training facilities. Since its inception, over 150 schools in 25 countries have become McDSP Education Program Partners, putting McDSP plug-ins in every one of their Pro Tools, Logic and other Digital Audio Workstations.

More than 80 films per year are completed at AFI and each one depends on McDSP plug-ins to finish the sound. – Mark Henry - Sound Design Instructor at American Film Institute

The McDSP Education Program also offers generous discounts to students of qualified schools so they are able to continue using McDSP plug-ins long after they’ve graduated. Educators of qualified schools are also eligible to take advantage of the incredible discount through the academic discount order form. McDSP is excited to partner with so many schools worldwide and understands the difference it makes for students and teachers to have access to professional audio software. McDSP is proud to be a part of thousands of students educational journey and plans to continue to see more green on their screens!


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McDSP Education Partners

McDSP Education Program Partners worldwide continue to spread the word about the value of McDSP plug-ins. Here are only a few examples:


  • Pyramind 208 208


    “At Pyramind, all our classroom and studio computers are equipped with the latest McDSP plug-ins. Having access to these awesome sounding, easy to use plugs is great for students and teachers. Students can grasp audio processing techniques, simply, while teachers can be assured that students …

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  • Itec Audio 208x134

    Itec Audio Studios

    Wilkis ‘Ideology’ Figuereo, CEO and Founder of Itec Audio Studios, says that “McDSP products are essential tools used for teaching our students in-the-box signal processing. We use the McDSP line in our Mixing and Mastering course and what makes this product so amazing is the …

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  • Hills Road 208 208

    Hills Road Sixth Form College

    Alexander Hough, Music Technician at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, England says, “The McDSP plug-ins have been a stalwart of our studios for quite some time now and the level of professionalism that the students are able to obtain using the McDSP suite …

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  • Foothillcollege 208 208

    Foothill College

    Mark Anderson, Instructor at Foothill College in California says McDSP has the best sounding plug-ins they’ve tested. “Both Native and TDM are consistently outperforming plug-ins costing two to ten times more. When you’re dealing with hundreds of student recording and editing projects per quarter, as …

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  • Guilford Tech Comcollege

    Guilford Technical Community College

    “Having McDSP as a partner has given our students an opportunity to experience high-end professional tools. In this budget challenged economy, our program may not have been able to purchase McDSP software to the extent that our present partnership allows. Also, the ability students have …

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  • Artinst Seattle 208 208

    The Art Institute of Seattle

    Academic Director of The Art Institute of Seattle, Steve Barsotti says, “The Emerald Pack has been an integral portion of our signal processing curriculum. In the second term students take a course that covers most of the fundamental essential components of audio production including signal …

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  • American Film Inst 208 208

    American Film Institute

    Along with sound mixing and engineering curriculum, McDSP products have also made their way into the post-production arena. Sound Design instructor Mark Henry from the American Film Institute says, “McDSP plug-ins are utilized for all our post-production audio processes. More than 80 films per year …

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  • RMIT Copy

    RMIT University

    “McDSP has greatly assisted us to teach on a professional level, with students thereby understanding that using pro-level gear does make a significant sonic difference. The difference it has made to our graduates is nothing short of excellence,” says Anthony Norris, Sound Production Teacher at …

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