Welcome to the latest generation of McDSP’s professional audio plug-ins. Our v7 release brings tons of new and exciting features to our entire line of software products, along with amazing high definition user interfaces. Our engineering team has listened to your requests and turned them into a reality that is sure to blow you away!

All McDSP v7 plug-ins are optimized for Apple silicon and the latest Intel Processors. If CPU efficiency is what you’re looking for, v7 is for you.
Multiple computers? No problem! With each v7 purchase, you now get two activations per license or subscription.

In addition to useful new features, McDSP v7 plug-ins come with a fresh new look that will serve any mixing situation. All while preserving our patented audio algorithms that have been tried and tested by top engineers, musicians, and producers from all over the world.

v7 also comes with a generous 1500+ additional presets, saving you time dialing in just the sound you need to get started with your mixing process.
Don’t fix what isn’t broken! For over two decades our award winning double precision, zero latency algorithms have stood out from the crowd, and v7 continues this legacy.