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  • Channel G – Console Modeling and More

    The McDSP Channel G plug-in is a TEC Award nominated console-strip style plug-in with expander/gate, compressor/limiter, filters, and EQ sections in three configurations, plus a versatile surround compressor/ limiter. Channel G comes with console modes for music and post application, in addition to modeling modes …

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  • Noise Filtering and the NF575

    The NF575 Noise Filter is a specially designed set of algorithms used to remove noise (but not music!) from audio signals. This issue covers basic operations of the NF575 Noise Filter, provides a more in depth description of some of its features, and outlines some …

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  • FilterBank – Peak / Slope / Dip

    The McDSP FilterBank v6 plug-in is a collection of 3 different EQ and filter configurations. Of these configurations, the E606 has an unique shelving EQ control set called Peak, Slope and Dip. These controls allow the user to customize the shelving EQ in a way …

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  • McDSP HD vs. McDSP Native

    The McDSP Native product line supports plug-in formats hosted only on the CPU (i.e. natively!!), including AAX Native, Audio Unit (AU), VST and VST3. The McDSP Native line has all the features as the McDSP HD versions, but does not include support for Avid HDX …

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  • Revolver – Optimizing Performance

    The Revolver plug-in’s convolution engine is very efficient. This means many Revolver plug-ins can be used in a single session with the minimum amount of CPU power. The control updates are also immediate – no muted outputs or rendering delays are experienced. The user not …

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