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  • Ec300 CC

    EC-300 Echo Collection

    The EC-300 Echo Collection combines the capabilities and tones of a wide variety of delays and delay-based effects like flanging and chorusing, into a single plug-in. With so many features its easy to over look some of the great options of the EC-300, so this …

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  • AE600fts 698x455

    AE600 Active EQ

    The AE600 Active EQ builds on the design of the TEC Award nominated AE400 by adding more bands, more EQ and filter modes, independent operating of fixed and active bands, a larger UI display, and plenty of other features. This edition of Colin’s Corner focuses …

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  • ML8000 620x357

    ML8000 Next Generation Limiter Technology

    The ML8000 Advanced Limiter is the next generation of limiter technology, using two completely separate stages of processing for significantly improved peak level adjustment. The ML8000 has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, as discussed in this edition of Colin’s Corner.

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  • 6050 Compfilsat 220x164

    6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

    The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip is arguably the most feature laden product in McDSP’s 18 year history. The 6050 is a combination of all the modules from the 6030 Ultimate Compressor and 6020 Ultimate Equalizer plug-ins, plus many additional modules, in a 3-bay lunch-box style interface.

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  • SA2 Whole

    SA-2 Dialog Processor

    Arguably the single most important aspect of any TV show or film, dialog is at the front of any such production. But how to balance dialog with foley, sound effects, and a sweeping musical score? Introducing the SA-2 Dialog Processor – active equalization strategically placed …

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