McDSP Announces APB-16 Analog Processing Box!
Mountain View, CA – January 21, 2019

McDSP Announces APB-16 Analog Processing Box

McDSP is proud to announce its first ever hardware box is coming – the APB-16 Analog Processing Box.

The McDSP Analog Processing Box (APB) combines the flexibility of software with the fidelity of premium analog processing. Each channel can be controlled by a Pro Tools plug-in giving true digital workflow with genuine analog performance. Processing options include compressors, mastering limiters, transient enhancement devices, multi-channel and multi-band applications, and so much more… we’re only getting started.

  • Programmable analog processing
  • Premium analog components
  • Multiple analog saturation options
  • APB-ready software plug-in bundle
  • Sample accurate automation
  • AKM 32-bit DAC and ADC
  • Thunderbolt 2 and 3 compatible
  • Manufactured in the United States
The APB-16 Analog Processing Box release date is Q2 2019, and will be available through select dealers only. For the latest information and announcements about the APB-16, please be sure to sign up for the McDSP newsletter.

McDSP will be offering a limited quantity of APB-16 units at an introductory price. Be a part of audio history and jump on board today.

More information is available at

Company Statement

McDSP is an innovative and award-winning Silicon Valley audio software company founded in 1998 by Colin McDowell. McDSP technology can be found in pro audio plug-ins for popular digital audio workstations including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and Avid live sound systems. McDSP audio algorithms are also used by companies such as Audiokinetic, Bioware, and Microsoft, and in consumer products like the LouderLogic iOS audio player.