Complex Grooves with Delay

Let’s say you’re working on a new song, and you feel like it’s just about done. You know it needs a few finishing touches, but you aren’t quite sure what to add. A delay plug-in can be a great way to come up with new and interesting rhythmic ideas!

Let’s talk about some cool ways you can do some experimenting.

Why Use a Delay Plug-In to Write Grooves?

Using a delay plug-in is a great way to write new grooves because a delay can help produce interesting rhythms that you may not have thought of otherwise. One idea can lead to another, and you can end up with a whole new part!

The McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection Delay Plug-In

How to Use a Delay Plug-In to Create New Grooves

With any delay plug-in you’re using, the most important features for groove creation are delay times, any parameter that allows you to offset delay times, and swing controls. Don’t be afraid to put any element of your production through it! Turn up your delay times as long as they will go, turn them down as short as they will go, put them somewhere in the middle, and/or play around with any swing controls!

Worst case scenario: you end up generating a new part that doesn’t sound great the way it is, but it inspires another idea that you can recreate with other instruments and effects!

The McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection Plug-In

If this sounds like an idea that you’d like to try out, check out the McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection delay plug-in!

What makes the EC-300 particularly great for this application is its incredibly wide range of controls. It’s got all the standard controls you’d expect from a delay plug-in, such as delay time knobs and a feedback control, but it also has quite a few controls you wouldn’t expect to find in a delay plug-in.

The McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection

The EC-300 is armed with 3 delay types (each of which offers a unique set of controls), 3 delay modes (single, dual, and ping-pong), a bit depth control, filters, wow and flutter controls, a width control, a delay time offset knob, 2 ducking modes, SIMs (Simulated Impulse Models), and most importantly in this case, a groove slider. The EC-300 can set you up with just about any kind of delay you could possibly want!

What Does it Sound Like?

Check out the audio examples below to hear what the ML4000 multi-band compression section sounds like on some very dynamic electric guitars! We’ve even used the ML4000 Band Solo buttons to show you a clip that has the processed, low end frequency range of these guitars soloed so you can easily get an understanding of what to listen for.

Curious about the settings we used in this example? Take a look at the ML4000 screenshot above!

Artist: Poems of Sorts
Song: Queen (This song is unreleased)
Producer: Julian Worden
Social Media: @poemsofsorts

Want to check out the EC-300 for yourself? Try out a free 14-day, fully functional EC-300 Echo Collection trial here.

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