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  • Revolver – Optimizing Performance

    The Revolver plug-in’s convolution engine is very efficient. This means many Revolver plug-ins can be used in a single session with the minimum amount of CPU power. The control updates are also immediate – no muted outputs or rendering delays are experienced. The user not …

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  • Revolver – Impulse Response Creation

    McDSP’s Revolver convolution reverb plug-in has taken the capabilities of convolution to new heights by providing a multitude of other processing options to further enhance the sound of the reverb itself. Delay lines, routable EQ, reverb contour controls, and stereo field adjustments, features previously only …

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  • CompressorBank Applications

    The McDSP CompressorBank v6 plug-in is a truly flexible dynamic range compression device. The plug-in comes with 3 configurations covering the basic compressor (CB101) to the ultra tweaky (CB303). But the curse of too many options is, well, too many options. How should the unique …

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  • Analog Channel Applications

    The McDSP Analog Channel plug-in was designed to emulate the sounds of analog mixing consoles (busses), tape machines, and tape media. The notion that a purely digital production can sound like an analog one is great for ProTools users needing to satisfy the myriad of …

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  • ML4000 – Part 2 – ML4 Multi-band Dynamics Processor

    Today’s audio engineer has more audio processing tools than ever at their disposal. But these tools require insight and experience to be used effectively. One of the best examples of such a tool is the multi-band dynamics processor. Coincidently, McDSP has just released one called …

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