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  • RetroPackBoxes 513H

    What’s So New About Retro?

    Give any obsessive, compulsive engineer nearly 10 years to ponder the design possibilities for equalizers, filters, compressors, and limiters, and there just might be a few new ideas at the end of the decade. That is just what the Retro Pack plug-in line is – …

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  • MC303 Square

    MC2000 – Multi-band Compression

    The MC2000 plug-in has the power and flexibility to emulate a wide variety of compressors in two, three, and four band configurations. But when the honeymoon of multi-band vintage emulations ends (if that were possible), the numerous uses of the MC2000 become apparent. This edition …

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  • Retro Recorder

    For over a decade McDSP has been making high quality professional audio software for the consummate professional. This summer we’ve embarked on a new effort with the creation of our first iPhone application called Retro Recorder. No need to fret, McDSP is still making plenty …

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  • Channel G Surround

    The development of surround sound formats has created more opportunities for the audio engineer to explore and exploit the sonic possibilities. But with the flexibility came technical problems and challenges. Fortunately, some of these issues are addressed by the Channel G Surround plug-in from McDSP. …

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  • De-essing and more with the DE555

    The DE555 de-esser plug-in combines advanced look-ahead dynamic range control technology for a truly transparent process for removing sibilants from vocals and dialog. But there are a few other uses for the DE555 too… Basics De-essing is the process of removing elements of a track …

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